Tommy Taylor

Tommy Taylor began drumming in Connecticut in the '60s, first on countertops and school desks, then on inverted paint buckets and frying pan lids. His dad kindly offered the 11 year old a shiny new drum set if he agreed to take lessons. Thus, his career in the music business got off to an early start.


Shortly, however, things went downhill for the Taylor family. The noise from Tommy's bedroom created shock waves in the living room and kitchen. Worse, after forming his first band in eighth grade, the pounding—having been moved to the family room—caused their home to slip off its foundation. Fortunately, moving to prep school and college salvaged the family relationship, but the "drum habit" continued to destroy friendships with roommates, girlfriends and his former wife.


Through all this, Tommy's strongest personal bonds have been with fellow music addicts (musicians), and he has played drums and supplied falsetto background vocals in original and cover bands from coast-to-coast for over 50 years. Rock 'n roll, light jazz, heavy blues and originals are his preference, but if he needs to busk on the street, he'll take requests and occasionally try to play them percussively, persuasively.

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