In the late 70’s Jeff was rt of a bance called “The New Day.”  They played in Coffee Houses and churches.

His first audition was at Clackamas Community College to be the bass player for the “pop” group “Sounds of Today”. The audition was successful, and that journey lasted for two years, including a USO Tour that took the 12 piece band to the South Pacific. While at CCC, music was the focus. His bass teacher was Gene Harden who worked him on both upright and electric bass. Gene made sure that on Friday and Saturday nights there was always a gig with some of the pro bands he played with, which was always a treat.

After Clackamas, the road led south to Northwest Christian College in Eugene, and a year was spent as a part of the traveling group called, “Waylighters”. That group represented the college, traveling through five western states for a full year. The college years also offered a chance to play in a band that played 50’s and 60’s rock.

The mid 80’s saw a move to Des Moines, IA. An opportunity opened up to be Amy Grant’s bass player, but history had a different plan! On a trip to Detroit he was introduced to Joe English, who played guitar for the Supremes. That was one of the first all-time guitar lessons, in spite of playing for years by then.

Since then, church music has kept the plate full, either as a worship leader, or a musician. At times he held down the bass with large orchestras and other times small bands. The past 11 years saw a serious parking in one place where he had the privilege of being the Worship Leader at a church in Aurora. That was fun playing different instruments as the group changed. Most weeks, the Acoustic guitar was the instrument of choice, but also the electric, keyboard, and bass got some great playing time.

Jeff says, “it’s a real pleasure playing with John and Mark, as not only are they pros, but they really enjoy what they are doing and want to bring quality music to their fans.”  

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